Heavenly Hedgehogs

  Helping to make hedgehogs lives more fullfilling and calm


Training days are a great opportunity to learn more about your hedgehog and others before you take the little precious home.They will settle easier if you are relaxed and confident in your actions.

The sessions are also run for older children and those in need of specific help. The one to one sessions are very popular. The workshops are for a small group to keep thing calm for the hedgehogs.  Also if you are having difficulties in certains areas a session including that may be helpful. We also have telephone consultations if you cannot make the sessions although the hands on part is very difficult over the phone.

I am now writing Information Ebooks to purchase.

They cover many aspects of the training and the introduction to Hedgehogs (included on my blog for Chubbys Meal worms) a training book is included in the course fee along with some sample products. Other products shall be available to purchase and collect on the day for discounted price** If you already own the three included it is possible to exchange your voucher for other books in the series.

Hedgehog picnics (why should the teddy bears have all the fun) 

**discount of 5% for those during course date**


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